"Participating in Global Leadership Partners training helped me learn the proper values needed for life and leadership. After attending GLP seminars and mentoring, I started making better/wiser lifestyle choices. I encourage people from around the world to participate!"

--Danabek Z. (Shymkent, Kazakhstan)


"I am truly inspired by Global Leadership Partners. Thank you so much! Through introducing core values for successful leadership, this program can transform the people of Kyrgyzstan and others across the world. It is a powerful catalyst, providing new perspective on how to be a wholehearted leader and changing lives in the process. Thanks again!"

--Bogdan S. (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)


“Leadership for Success was a great seminar. This was my first leadership seminar and it totally changed my way of thinking! It was great to get to know the speaker and I hope to meet him again at a future seminar!”

--Lachin J. (Chisinau, Moldova)


“I want to thank you with all my heart for the wisdom you shared with me. I learned a lot from the workshop and especially from talking with you.”

--Alex T. (Cluj, Romania)


“I have been to 20 - 30 seminars, but this is the most valuable one. Thank you for sharing with us how to be good leaders.”

--Valentin G. (Sofia, Bulgaria)


“I’ve been hearing nothing but positive feedback on your seminar for two days in a row.  Well, this is mine! I was energized, and I am surely not the only one! Your advice will help us become better leaders of our future, and I thank you for being an inspiration for us today.”

--Stephan D. (Varna, Bulgaria)


"The training was truly inspiring and helped me with knowledge and actionable tips that I can apply in both my personal and professional life. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend this training."

--Imane B. (Marrakech, Morocco)


“Great speech. Very inspirational. It was moving for me. I appreciate your work a lot and want to learn more from you.”

--Andrew V. (Suceava, Romania)


“Your seminar was one of the best I have ever attended.”

--Biba V. (Skopje, Macedonia)


Thanks for your time, emotions, and invaluable experience. Such lectures make me feel motivated.”

--Marta M. (Odessa, Ukraine)


“Your presentation on leadership was very insightful and was something I very much enjoyed. I really liked how you gave specific examples that you all have experienced yourself in your work because it was much easier to relate to myself.  I think that using the leadership model you presented will be very helpful as I gain traction in my job and is something I am very eager to start working on.”

--Jacob B. (Cincinnati, Ohio)


“Global Leadership Partners is an amazing enterprise which supports young people in achieving their aims and developing their future careers. Recently I took part in a leadership seminar and mentoring session organized by GLP. Both were great! Thank you for your involvement and readiness to share your knowledge.”

--Daria N. (Poznan, Poland)