Global Leadership Partners

What We Do

At Global Leadership Partners, we inspire leaders and transform lives. We partner with like-minded organizations around the world to provide world-class, leadership-themed training for university students and business professionals. Our speakers are successful business leaders with extensive experience. Our training promotes values such as integrity, courage, humility, and respect, and we inspire people to a purpose that goes beyond self. Our participants leave seminars inspired and equipped to make a positive difference in our world.



Our Vision

Our vision is to change the world one leader at a time. We believe everyone can be a leader, so we seek to inspire and equip people to be leaders of integrity who change their part of the world for the better. When that happens, those leaders will make a positive difference in their families, employers, communities, countries, and ultimately, their world.



Our Core Beliefs

We believe leaders with strong values and a purpose that goes beyond self are the best leaders. Leaders who have integrity, courage, humility, and respect for others are more likely to make good ethical as well as practical choices. History shows these values transcend cultures, ages, and spheres of life and improve quality of life for the world's citizens.



Our Focus

We focus our message on university students and business professionals from small and medium-sized businesses. While we aspire to have a global reach, we currently focus on Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and the United States.



Our History

Taking a one-year leave from his Procter & Gamble career, Todd Geist and his family moved to Eastern Europe in 2009 to do volunteer work. While there, Todd was invited to create and present a leadership seminar for university students. The success of this first venture – and another which quickly followed – helped Todd realize the transformative power of purpose-infused, values-based leadership.

Once back at P&G headquarters in Cincinnati, Todd used vacation time twice a year to return to Eastern Europe to present leadership training in partnership with local organizations. As requests for this training increased, two P&G retirees—Steve Simpson (2014) and Scott Liston (2016)—joined him.

In late 2016, Todd retired from P&G to devote more time to training aspiring leaders. In 2017, he, Steve, and Scott founded Global Leadership Partners to oversee the growing demand. Since then, countless reports of inspired leaders and transformed lives have kept the GLP team energized to continue this work.



Our Board and Executive Team Members